Welcome Message to Science Today & Tomorrow


Welcome, everybody who understands how great the request for professionals in fundamental knowledge is.

The doors of International Higher Academic Council & International University of Fundamental Studies are always opened for everyone capable of making understandable decisions, giving prominence for truth, universal education & research , and latest learning purposes in a very broad sense are cordially invited to publish your science articles in our Journals,  Science Today & Tomorrow and World Scientists”.

The Intergovernmental Higher Academic Council (IHAC), being a creation of our university which is unique in it’s nature and process, based on the needs of time, publishes the journal, “Science  Today & Tomorrow and The World Scientists” for material and spiritual development of mankind and targeting for new philosophical and methodological basis for implementing a multi level and multi-disciplinary educational process in research and education.

In the journal the works of various scientists of the world as a unique creative individuals, that gives special novelty and originality to their various works, will be represented.

The basic sections of the journal are:

  1. Publication of scientific articles and reports.
  2. Information about scientific discoveries and scientific inventions made by scientists in various countries around the world.
  3. Chronicle of a variety of research activities in various countries of the world.
  4. Research and biographical sketches about famous world scientists.

First of all in the journal the works of the scientists, having the “International Passport of the World Scientist”, are published.

The purpose, the subject and the result of the educational process is the interaction within IUFS, aimed at the realization of the fundamental principle of education as the interaction of studies.

With highly skilled staff of IHAC-IUFS students master the intellectual and behavioral “paradigm of interaction”, which they learn and make it available to other people.

For everyone in the world, who wants to acquire new knowledge and skills in accordance with the new method of education, there is an International University of Fundamental Studies and IHAC. The World Scientists magazine is the science journal for scientists, where they can dedicate their modern creations and research works to the people. We, on behalf of the Rector and the Academic Council, wish everybody, who expects necessary education for a successful and prosperous life and activity in the XXI century. With hope for cooperation to publish your articles and wishing you a great success !

Editor in Chief : World Scientists, Science Today & Tomorrow

President IHAC

Prof. Mahatma Santhi Jayasekera




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