Engineer of radio technologies, psychologist – practitioner, Doctor of Philosophy, professor in the field of energy and information technologies, corresponding member of the International Academy of Ecology and Life Safety- Tolskiy Sergey Yurievich.

In 1989, as a result of the analysis of the behavior of flocks of birds, locusts, families of bees and colonies of ants that collectively demonstrate some rational substance in their populations, it was hypothesized that biological forms living in groups with a certain number of individuals form a rational substance in the form of energy-information field. If it is so, then people in their totality should form an energy information field that must have rational properties, just the same as of one human being. It remained to confirm or refute this hypothesis.

The attempts were made to join the alleged energy and information field, and they were successful. As a result, the mechanism of human dialogue with  information- field energy was opened, that is with the noosphere – the sphere of mind of our civilization. Just as the famous Nikola Tesla received information from the Cosmos, in the period from 1998 till nowadays the noosphere has produced and gives out knowledge that is missing in our world. Thanks to this knowledge, it became possible to create noospheric technologies to cure and recover the human body from a wide range of severe comlex diseases. The technologies were worked out for the development of society in all spheres of its life. The basic postulate of the noosphere is: “All processes in the Universe are hidden or manifested due to information on which matter moves and is built.” The technologies are unique because of playing the role of an energy informational field that can read and transform information, on which human organs and their cells function and are built. All diseases without exception occur due to distortion of the functioning information. All the experiments and research that have been carried out prove this concept. In other words, there are space technologies, with the instrument part is in outer space, and the trained  for managing these devices man – an expert in noospheric spiritual-oriented technologies. Despite the obvious fantasy, the technology is working successfully.

Noospheric technologies are simple and effective in solving various problems of human life. There are no analogues of these technologies. If they are treated properly, new directions in medicine, biology, genetics, gerontology, education will be born. For the practical implementation of noospheric technologies, it is only necessary to organize the process of training special personnel. Such specialists will be able to effective solving of various problems. Russia already has the graduated specialists of all the noospheric technologies. It should be noted that they are unique in the world. Due to the hard ecological situation in the world that causes various diseases, the need of practical application of noospheric technologies  for solving these problems at regional and state levels grows fast.



  1. The technology for entering the space of the energy information field to obtain the requested information;


  1. The purification technology for different objects from negative information;


  1. The purification technology for biological objects from different poisons;


  1. The restoration technology for the psycho-emotional state of a person;


  1. The deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA molecules) reconstruction technology;


  1. The neutralization technology for man-made factors;


  1. The technology for protection from psycho-emotional and mental-psychological impact;


  1. The human testing technology for identifying various pathologies and functional disorders of organs and their systems;


  1. The technology for identifying of the causes of various diseases and states;


  1. The technology for compiling and launching for various noospheric programs to solve health problems;


  1. The technology for creating of information database for effective perception of various kinds of knowledge in educational processes and professional training of personnel;


  1. The technology for creation of energy information background in premises for creative state;


  1. The technology for energy-information programming of various objects for solving environmental and health problems;


  1. The technology for work with ones “I”, for mobilizing human resources, with the purpose of solving such problems as health, relations with people around and business;


  1. The technology for plant programming for the formation in them of the necessary functions, properties and qualities.

The above mentioned noospheric technologies can be used to create conditions for the improvement and development of nations of any state.

One of the most popular technologies is that for working with ones “I”. It is effective, simple and accessible to a wide range of people. All these technologies have become possible due to the nomology – a science that studies the various forms of the existence of minds.


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