Dr. Raven Flores Ph. D. Kinesiology

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


You cannot deny the benefits that massage therapies have for you. It relaxes you, improves your body and also has numerous other benefits. When it comes to therapies, a trigger point therapy has great value because it is targeted to specific areas. The trigger point therapy work on the parts of the muscles which have contracted and are formed into small, fibrous nodules called “knots” that are also tender to touch. This massage therapy doesn’t involve your whole body instead it focuses on the particular areas and is done by applying isolated pressure on the specific point and then followed by a release.

Here are the benefits of trigger point therapy and the ways in which it improves your body.

  1. Decreased pain:

Trigger points can cause you a lot of pain and trouble. These trigger points produce pain in remote locations of the body and can produce various conditions like tendonitis, bursitis as well as heart attacks and migraines. Trigger point massage therapy in combination with regular exercise has been provided with the best results for pain reduction in patients with myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome.

  1. Get rid of headaches:

With the help of trigger point therapy, you can get fewer headaches as a number of trigger points are present in the upper back and neck area that cause frequent headaches. Trigger point release when done on a regular basis eradicate these trigger points from the muscles and you will get fewer backaches and headaches.

  1. Improved flexibility:

Since trigger points have the natural tendency to make your muscles weak and tight. So whenever you want to stretch, the muscles will cause you pain as it has lost its normal function. You will witness dramatic results if you first release the trigger points and then try to stretch your muscles. This will enable you to have more flexibility in the tighter areas.

  1. Improved posture:

The tight muscles negatively affect your posture, therefore by massaging the trigger point release you can release the tight muscles. After you identify and take care of the trigger points, Pilates can be used to improve posture and to build core strength.

Increased blood flow:

When pressure is applied on soft tissues of skin, muscles or fascia, the water tends to squeeze out of these tissues, and when the pressure is released or taken away, the water is then sucked back in. Research suggests that the trigger point release therapy results in increasing of the elasticity of arteries which in turn leads to better blood circulation. Trigger points deter the oxygen and other nutrients to reach the muscles, by releasing them the muscles cells get all the nutrients they need in order to function optimally.

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