«Fundamental Sciences, Arts & Peace»

 The Congress intends to gather leading world-renowned scientists, who acknowledge their role and responsibility in the spreading of ideas and philosophy of interaction as the main condition of human’s living, which is the main condition of the participating in the PhD degree of International University of Fundamental Studies, Oxford.

The content of the Congress will be published in two books, and they will be presented as UNESCO Congress Materials, and in order to participate in the Congress, one has to register as a “presenter”.

The Congress itself will be divided into sections as: “Fundamental Science”, “Medicine”, “Ecology and Environment Protection”, “Art and World Culture”, “Peace” and many more.

There will also be art and science exhibitions as a part of the congress where academic publications, research and discover materials, scientific breakthrough, and art masterpieces will get the opportunity to expose to the world, in an international level.

The cultural program will allow the young artists to demonstrate their creativity and talents to the respectable circle of UNESCO professionals globally.


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